Silo Busting

Management Consultants

are typically pan sector, and think about strategic opportunities for clients in Infrastructure or Highways and Transportation. Loosely speaking they will advise on ‘make or buy’ decisions, their affordability, the lobbying of political and economic decision makers, and undertake ‘change’ programmes within organisations.

Engineering, Design and Consultancy organisations

are consolidating more and more. The bigger players have global reach, and are expert in all aspects of infrastructure design, and they can react to the scale and pace required of industry wide programmes by standardising and producing volume designs. Sometimes the design activities will even be done from outside the UK.

Programme Management and assured Construction Management

used to be the preserve of the bigger US and global players, but UK capability has expanded greatly over the last 15 years as demonstrated by programmes such as the Olympics. In the UK these services were historically provided by niche or regional players, but with consolidation in the industry there is now a lot of capability overlap between big firms. The danger is that some of the attributes that made the individual companies successful in the first place get lost in the bigger picture.


Convergent Thinking: Bringing together successful experience from these different elements, into bespoke multi talented teams comprising proven and experienced individuals, means that we can ‘bust the silos’ and reduce the inefficiencies associated with having to procure these services separately. By utilising our ‘code share’ model to resource deployment we are able to bring world class solutions, at real world prices, to our clients. We stand on the edge of a Transportation revolution, where technical, commercial and technological innovation come together. We want to challenge the way we have traditionally done things in our industry, but we aim to be …

Positively Disruptive

Highly skilled and experienced management capability is in short supply in the UK for the scale of planned activity in Infrastructure, and especially Highways and Transportation, over the next 10 years. We are also on the verge of massive structural and capability changes in the industry and it is right that we challenge orthodoxies about the way we do things, so we can achieve what is required going forward, but also because the opportunities presented by technology in Transportation demand it. When considering how to successfully manage Projects that will involve disruptive technologies, or which require skilful integration and management of technical, technological, and commercial outcomes, Fitzpatrick Advisory will make the difference.

Fitzpatrick Advisory people bring things together to successfully deliver projects and programmes of work in fast moving or ‘change’ environments. We have developed strategic thinking in land use and master planning into concepts, and we know how to express the options and choices into robust and successful business and benefits cases. We understand risk and its influence on cost estimating, and we understand commercial. We know how to plan projects and operations, sometimes in constrained environments, and we know how to undertake intelligent planning and stakeholder communication. Disruptive technology describes products that influence and change the way people live, without necessarily setting out to. We want to change the way advisory services are provided to Highways and Transportation, positively, and we seek to be disruptive too.