What we do

Our combination of experience and energy, of knowledge and pragmatism, of assurance and innovation, of people and proven processes, of global expertise delivered locally, provides our Highways clients with best in class advisory services.

Advisory Services
world class solutions at real world prices

Fitzpatrick Advisory people have served as public sector officers (and even Councillors and Mayors) and provided services as consultants and contractors. We are expert and experienced in the design and delivery of capex schemes, in the management of opex maintained assets and networks, and all stops in between. We think about outcomes, not just outputs.

Asset & Information Management
you can’t do big data if you can’t do small data

Understanding how assets degrade over time, designing optimal interventions and properly appreciating the technical and commercial risks of decisions taken is a vital consultancy skill. The future of our infrastructure is digital, but who is best placed to deliver the local authority capability to manage this revolution, and who is going to look out for the needs of our citizens as we enter the age of algorithmic prioritisation, artificial intelligence led choices, and automated design? Our mantra is that it’s not the technology it’s what you do with it.

Project & Programme Management
time and cost certainty from your investment

Our people have a wealth of public and private sector experience in major projects and programmes of work. We focus on the right outcomes and not just the technical outputs during the development and design phase to assure success (design management). We conduct performance and quality audits on projects and programmes of activity. We work in the capex and opex environments and understand how to achieve the right balance of performance and expenditure to achieve success, using tools such as HIAT (Highways Investment Appraisal Tool), developed from years of experience in providing technical advisory services to PFI schemes, across the deal map.

A to Z of Fitzpatrick Advisory

Your alphabetical guide to what we do, or have done, or are doing, to help our clients get the best outcomes from their work

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