Who we are

When considering the shortfall of pragmatic experience and expertise in the industry, and how to deliver a tailored and personal service to our clients, Fitzpatrick Advisory has simply borrowed from the ‘code share’ concept.

Our Principal Advisors are all experts in their own field, and we share an ambition and passion to do more for our clients, as well as the vision of convergence thinking. Our advisors all have their own, or are part of, other limited companies which cover the range of activity in Highways & Transportation. So Fitzpatrick Advisory is able to deploy resources not only from Fitzpatrick Advisory but also from a range of like minded companies, in order that clients can access and receive a fuller range of advisory services, across the spectrum and life cycle of projects and programmes of work.

We liken our business model to the ‘code share’ alliance model because, apart from the close collaborative professional ties we enjoy, forged as a result of working together professionally over the last 20 years, our geographic dispersal means we are together able to deploy strategic, technical and commercial teams across the UK.

Our Principal Advisors are:

Brian Fitzpatrick FCIHT

Brian is a constantly curious, energetic and resourceful advisor, with extensive experience and expertise in the delivery of multi disciplinary projects and programmes of work in the public and private sectors, using a wide range of proven commercial, technical and management skills.

Brian’s career developed from technically focused roles as a Traffic Engineer, Traffic Modeller and Transport Planner, into more management and outcome focused responsibilities as a Project Manager, Divisional Director, Head of Highways and Transportation at a London Borough, and then more recently as a Project/Programme Director for major projects. Brian has more recently conceived and taken to market innovative asset management related consultancy products and services, including the pioneering of a unique condition and deterioration modelling platform for use in PPP schemes.

Starting his career in London, and honing his 30 year experience on a range of urban, city centre, public transport and regeneration schemes, Brian has also successfully delivered major projects in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Brian creates and leads high performing teams, assuring delivery through proven platforms and processes, with a track record of achieving the right outcomes. His advisory and leadership style is knowledgeable, and pragmatic, allowing him to understand and quickly diagnose business or client issues, and identify pragmatic and robust integration, strategies, solutions and outcomes.

From 2003 to 2007 Brian was an elected independent Councillor and Mayor of his local Town. His combination of client side, consulting and political perspectives and experience enables him to drive toward solutions with a greater consensus, sometimes from initially opposed points of view.

Neil Tompkins Eng (Hons) CEng MICE

Neil is an experienced technical and commercial consultant, with a professional background in Civil Engineering, and a portfolio of more than 50 commissions on large scale infrastructure projects with a combined capital value of over £17 billion.

Neil works across the Deal Map, and across several continents, and is able to effectively communicate at all levels, from site and depot, to Council Chamber and Boardroom. Neil has considerable experience of the PPP/P3 procurement mechanism and asset management disciplines.

Neil applies his knowledge and expertise for clients in three key areas:

(i) Technical and Commercial Due Diligence – including schemes procured under PPP, P3 and PFI mechanisms (and under traditional forms of contract) – providing technical analysis, opinion and advice on elements such as contracts, construction, cost, operations and maintenance, payment mechanism, permits and consents and life cycle;
(ii) Project Assurance – for those clients looking to increase certainty of outcome, especially in terms of designing, constructing, operating and maintaining an asset, demonstrating compliance and improving technical and commercial performance (also known as construction phase monitoring and operational phase monitoring);
(iii) Strategic Infrastructure Advice – including analysis, opinion and recommendations on topics such as asset operation, asset development, maintenance and life-cycle requirements.

Neil is the founder and owner of N Tompkins Consulting Limited.

Barry O’Driscoll BEng FICE FCIHT

Barry is a highly experienced and versatile civil engineer with more than 20 years experience across infrastructure, and with particular expertise in the Highways sector.

A proven leader and strategic thinker, Barry brings demonstrable experience of successfully directing service delivery across strategic and local highways contracts and projects as client, consultant and supplier.

A respected and trusted member of the wider UK infrastructure community, Barry is able to apply excellent communication, management and technical skills in equal measure to inspire and influence at all levels in UK infrastructure.

A passionate team worker, Barry has successfully applied collaborative behaviours and working practices to bring delivery focus into multi-discipline technical teams, enabling high performance and successful outcomes at Programme, Project and Task level.

Barry is also the founder and co owner of odvantage limited, a company that shares the values and ambitions of Fitzpatrick Advisory to bring the best skills and experience to the industry at this time of change.

Steve Ellis BEng Electrical Electronic Engineering MIACCM, MAPM

Steve has, over the course of a 21 year career, developed his skills across engineering, project management and commercial management in the UK and internationally. This coupled with his strength in strategic thinking, and a detailed understanding of the commercial needs of both the client and business, have seen huge success in each business/programme/project he has been challenged to deliver.

Steve brings with him a demonstrable track record in the development and delivery of sustainable, profitable business, frequently meeting and beating the objectives of each client organisation he has engaged with.

Steve has developed and delivered pioneering scalable techniques/processes providing businesses with the ability to make informed decisions about future growth and delivery decisions in order to beat industry trends globally.

Steve possesses a unique mix of high calibre management and technical skills that enable him to analyse complex situations and challenge paradigms to establish effective and efficient organisational, strategic and operational practices and positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Steve is founder/owner of Consaelting Ltd.

Patrick Eggenton

Patrick is a multi skilled Transport Planner and Designer, with wide experience of specialising in highway access and design, transport planning, including undertaking Transport Assessments and Travel Plans, safety and local authority agreements.

Patrick has previously worked for local authorities and Transport for London, and two large Transport Planning and Development consultancies. He has 25 years of detailed successful experience and has worked on may projects across all land use sectors, including small residential schemes, large urban extensions and large mixed use developments.

Patrick is also a Director and co owner of EAS Ltd, a firm which provides a wide range of infrastructure consultancy services and which enjoys excellent relationships with a range of design professionals within the development industry, including town planners, architects, contractors, site investigation and topographical surveyors and traffic survey specialists.

John Roseveare

John’s career focus developed from supporting the communications and stakeholder engagement perspective of Highways and Transportation and Transport Planning, to developing funding bid applications, making sure that the business case and benefits realisation was identified appropriately, and project managing regeneration schemes, sometimes having to make them distinct and eye-catching to attract attention and funding for local authorities and communities alike.

He has recently been working on major transport-led-regeneration schemes in Southampton and the Isle of Wight, including delivery of WebTAG compliant Business Cases, working closely with a range of private sector interests in the process.

John has led several award winning regeneration projects in central London and continues to champion the creation of public spaces that puts people at the centre of a difficult balancing act, alongside close knowledge of, and sensitivity to, the rapidly changing face of local authorities. He holds a Coaching & Mentoring Qualification.

John is a founder member of Parose Projects LLP


Lee is acknowledged as a leading expert in sustainable transport implementation both in the UK and abroad.

He has worked with a number of London boroughs and local authorities on shaping their smarter travel programmes, including leading TfL’s flagship £6m Travel Demand Management project in LB Sutton. The project delivered an 84% increase in cycling and a 5% reduction in car use over a 5 year period.

Lee is currently working as a specialist advisor to the Abu Dhabi Department for Transport, with responsibility for an Emirate-wide Transportation Mobility Management programme, the production and implementation of a Low Emission Vehicle Strategy and providing technical and management advice on a range of transport issues.

Lee was previously Head of Transport Planning and Strategy, and interim Head of Parking, at LB Lambeth.

Lee is a founder member of Parose Projects LLP.