The FiTZ INDEX 2020

Take part in THE FiTZ INDEX 2020 and have a chance to win 2 Fitbit Charge 4’s.

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THE FiTZ INDEX is a survey which seeks responses or opinions from the industry about current hot topics.

This year it’s just 6 high level questions which have either a Yes/No or multiple-choice answer, and a space for any comments you might want to leave. It’s easy and quick to fill in, and you could win that fantastic prize.

We need your details when you fill in the form, but rest assured we delete any personal details after drawing the winner for the draw, all answers are anonymised when we look at what the survey tells us this year.

We will draw the winner on 01 December, and film it, and publish it on our web site and on Linked In, as well of course as contacting you and delivering your prize!

Follow the link, respond to the survey and have a chance to win that great prize!!

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(for prize draw)
The next few questions are intended to draw out some initial responses to questions about the existing and planned structure and organisation of the Highways sector. A lot has been going on recently, and we want to elicit the views of people on the ‘front line’ if we can. A recent article in the Press suggested that Highways England was about to spend a lot of money on a rebranding exercise to become National Roads.