DfT, Westminster City Council
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Asset & Information Management
CONVERT (COnnected Network VEhicles in Real Time for network and asset management operations) is the project title for research conceived and undertaken by Fitzpatrick Advisory for Westminster City Council and the DfT.

Findings included that LiDAR corroborated and in some cases improved the quality of inventory and geospatial information held. Inventory and condition data is easy to update, and when considering the potential of connected vehicles reporting in real time it is relatively easy to see how data can be input either continuing manually to update or via edge layers contributing to a common data platform. The potential to reduce maintenance and scheme design costs was proven (through greater accuracy, avoidance of duplicative effort and rework).

What CONVERT reveals however is that unless the whole maintenance service is ‘digitised’ then optimal returns will not be achieved.

We were engaged to further explore this concept by the local authority, and have utilised Fitzpatrick Advisory’s concept of a Digital Assistant Service for Highways Authorities (DASHA) in that research.

Read our research report here