Digital Assistant Service for Highways Authorities (DASHA)

UK Local Authorities
Services provided
Advisory Services, Asset & Information Management
Developed from our original in Roads concept in 2017, DASHA is a cloud based data hosting and aggregation service which brings together multiple sources of data and information, in any format, to make operational decision making easier for local Highways authority officers, but the potential reaches far beyond that.

Designed by local authority officers for use by local authority officers DASHA is lean, agile and to the point.

DASHA sits alongside existing platforms and systems offering a portal into the network management and Highways operations environment. It can be customised to the specific needs of the authority, merge internal and external data and information, and is completely scaleable, it can manage real time and historic data, so can flex with change and technology innovation in the authority.
Brian Fitzpatrick talks about DASHA, the Digital Assistant Service for Highways Authorities that is being taken to market by Fitzpatrick Advisory. Conceived and developed by local authority officers for use in local authorities, DASHA delivers community safety, efficiency, more effective decision making and greater productivity from your asset and network management operations.
This is an animation describing DASHA in action, explaining the functionality of the Digital Assistant Service for Highways Authorities. DASHA will make you more efficient, save the local authority money on operational expenditure, create greater revenue and enforcement opportunities and help protect your community. If you would like to know more please feel free to get in touch... and remember it doesn't compete with anything you already have, it won't cost you the earth and within 16 weeks will make the difference you need.
This animation describes the original concept of DASHA, before it went through its ALPHA proof of concept with Westminster City Council