Better Information Management

Client: Road Operator

The Digital Built Britain government initiative is challenging many asset owners and operators to review and consider their asset strategy. Many clients are developing a digital or better information management (also referred to as Building Information Modelling) strategy, as a way of becoming more efficient tactically, but also as a way of potentially transforming the way their organisation works and brings benefit to the customer. We were asked to support the development of a position paper and recommendations at Board level via a strategy workshop and contributing to selected parts of the Board Paper.

We conducted a workshop to better understand the existing position in the organisation, and the relationship within the organisation between all of the parties involved in devising the future strategy. We also described the scale and scope of the potential ‘digital transformation’ which the organisation is hoping to make, and made recommendations about the future transformation process.

  • The organisation for the first time can see the scale of effort required to transform themselves, if they want to, to take advantage of the benefits of Better Information Management.
  • Their strategy for developing a more integrated environment, for distributed information, which is always up to date, and which is open to new information from different sources, has been better informed.
  • They can see for the first time the need to bring together all of the strands involved in ‘information management’ in all of their operations.
  • The strategy development is currently a work in progress.