In Roads™ is about bringing people and digital information together in a way which will change the way you do Highways maintenance for good. It’s a proposition founded on a practical and pragmatic understanding of the culture of the roads industry and its entire value chain but which could make a significant difference to the outcomes you achieve.

In Roads™ reimagines how Highways maintenance should be done without impacting on the existing service. It uses the power of digital to transform the way you deliver your service in the future, working with your existing suppliers, tools, platforms, systems, data, information and intelligence.

How does it work?

Imagine if you could seamlessly leverage all the data and information around you, and bring it together to build a complete 3D picture of the entire local road network?

What if you could instantly access all the information provided by suppliers, surveys, open sources, and other local authority departments?

What would be the opportunities and innovation if you could understand the optimal use of at a network perspective, at a press of a button?

The answers are at your fingertips. You already have at your disposal, all the existing data, digital intelligence and knowledge you need to introduce leaner processes, standardise your service and create the space for innovation, as well as engaging in a better dialogue with your customers, improving the quality of your service offering and reducing operating costs.

In Roads will show you how. Digital transformation is not just about technology. Your revolution starts with your people. They are already experts and their service ethic is deeply ingrained. The platforms and digital tools they use to effect transformation need to be familiar, easily understood, accessible and be fit for purpose. In Roads is not about re-inventing a platform or system or learning lots of new processes. It’s about working with what you’ve already got.Input your text here! The text element is intended for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs.

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