In Roads to old thinking – let’s get on with it and start to prepare for the future in Highways maintenance.

Digital is the key to changing the way we think about Roads

Just imagine if local authorities could properly leverage all of the data and information around them, seamlessly, and bring it together to build one visualised, 3D picture of the local road network?

What if they could access, and utilise now, all of the information provided by their suppliers, or from surveys, or from open sources, or from other departments, to start to build that picture?

What if local authorities were able to apply simple but localised designs and treatments, using the visualised network, to the roads and footways within it, and the wider public realm, and automatically devise and generate preliminary scheme designs?

What if they could simply, at a press of a button, understand from a customer’s perspective the optimal use of budgets, what opportunities and innovation would that bring about?

Sounds like fantasy but the truth is it’s not, and local authorities already have at their disposal all of the existing data, digital intelligence and knowledge required to introduce leaner processes, better standardise their business, create the space for innovation, create a better dialogue with their customers, and potentially reduce operating costs, ultimately improving the quality of service provision, a bold statement but it’s true.

Fitzpatrick Advisory has created a proposition for local authorities called In Roads, In Roads is a service, and not a platform, or licenses, or a huge management consultancy transformation process. It doesn’t require ‘digital tutorials’ or a new ‘eco system’, but it does change the way we do things, for the better. It’s been created by people who know Roads, from policy to pot holes, from the council chamber to grass cutting, we’ve done it. If anyone can help our local Highways authorities embrace digital without it costing the earth, we believe we can.

It’s about creating a different ambition, an even more customer centred ambition, for local Highways authorities and officers, who do a difficult job, but mightn’t realise that data and intelligence lies all around them which can help them better prepare our infrastructure for the future.

Digital is the key to bringing about a different way of doing Highways Maintenance, Digital is key to changing the way we think about Roads. Check out our trailer video from last year here.