Fitzpatrick Advisory is an alliance of independent professional experts and companies, working in Highways and Transportation, with complementary managerial, technical and commercial skills.

Over the next 5 years our industry will be significantly influenced by technological, legislative, operational and organisational change, and the influence of increasing customer expectation around the delivery of services. The impact of these changes will be felt in the timely and cost effective delivery of projects or programmes but will be worsened by:

• A shortage of skilled, experienced, pragmatic, independent, management capability, who can assure delivery to time and budget;

• An emerging need for projects to be tied to smarter and more ‘right first time’ outcomes, and delivered via smaller, more agile, more collaborative and more broadly experienced delivery teams; and

• A transition from a deep market pool of independent and specialist advisors, into an increasingly consolidated market of heavyweight consultant/contractors, or contractor/consultants.

What this means is that projects could take longer to set up, design and deliver than they should, and clients will be paying more for services than they should.

In the future operational risks might be perceived as being transferred away from the client to a catch-all services provider but the reputational risk stubbornly remains with the Council or strategic authority, in the eyes of Road users anyway.  There are also potential risks to the integrity of solutions, to value of money and to price competitiveness in an increasingly interconnected supplier market.

Our approach is designed to assure the client of the integrety of the technical or commercial solution, and the value for money of the outcome.  Fitzpatrick Advisory allows clients access to a more flexible mix of planning, technical, commercial, technology, whole life and management skills from one place, targeted specifically to whatever outcome is required by the client, on demand, and delivered in a way that assures world class solutions at real world prices.