Fitzpatrick Advisory comprises Principal Advisors and a wider range of affiliates and SME’s who share our values and ambitions for our clients, who support our work and who we, and our clients, can call ‘on demand’.

Our business philosophy is called CREATE and stands for:

Collaborative, Risk focused, Expert, Asset-Centric, Trusted and Efficient.

CREATE informs who and where we recruit our Principal Advisors and wider supply chain. Our people are typically risk focused, assured, calm and resourceful.
All of our Advisors have many years of experience and are at the top of their profession, or near to it. Their technical, commercial or managerial experience allows them to understand the issues very quickly, and from that the critical success factors and issues which might get in the way of maximum efficiency. We won’t be afraid to recommend the right strategy and tactical approach, many times leading from the front.

  • We deploy experts with significantly less overhead than our competitors over the life of a commission. On bigger commissions we deploy a specific team approach which brings together people who have detailed experience of issue identification and problem solving, and who can apply their knowledge, experience and skill bespoke to the client need. Typically the team will ‘hit the ground running’, which means they get going more quickly and have real confidence that they will finish on programme or even ahead of it.

    Our teams deliver services in a specific, structured, risk focused and consistent way, and they communicate, share knowledge, and take responsibility for outcomes. Our clients can be assured we will not waste their time or money getting up to speed, and we will get it right first time.

    We will never aim to sell on services which the client doesn’t need, or rebadge services or outputs which have already been delivered to other clients. We will seek during the course of a commission to upskill the client’s team where and when we can, and we won’t outstay our welcome.

Asset Centric™

Our structured delivery methodology is called Asset Centric™ and is about the way our teams deploy and work together for our clients benefit. Asset Centric ™ is a methodology and suite of consulting tools we have developed which includes diagnostic and solution finding techniques and platforms for the benefit of our clients.

In addition to our culture, skills, approach and consistent service methodology we recognise that communications technology has come of age, finally, and can make a real measurable difference to the efficiency of professional services delivery. Our ambition to carry the minimum of overheads means we are flexible and agile in the way we work, skyping instead of meeting for example. Conversely our geographical coverage means we can be where our clients want us to be quickly.