The way we work means we are not price point constrained by the big overheads that other consultancies price into their rates, and we never will be. We deliver world class solutions at real world prices in five key areas.

Reduced funding, access to technology, asset management philosophy, BIM, development of SMART cities and infrastructure, changing ownership and operating models, and new customer/stakeholder behaviours and expectations are all changing the way client decision makers will need to work and spend in order to achieve the best results.

We support our client’s successful performance in a number of ways including:

  • ‘Fit for purpose’ Process and Organisation design
  • Technical and Commercial performance benchmarking
  • Performance Assurance reviews
  • Performance and Forensic Audits
  • Value for Money assurance
Asset Management means different things to different people. We cut through all the noise and acronyms to give expert, pragmatic, and value for money advice about your asset management strategy, the impact of technology, your options, the Programme and Whole Life Cost considerations, what to expect from your strategy and plan, and what it should cost.

In the PFI world our Advisors have decades of experience across the deal map in the UK, Europe and North America. Our people have acted as Client Side Advisor, Lenders Technical Advisor and SPV Technical Advisor, providing selected technical analysis, opinion, reports and advice on elements such as contracts, construction, buildability, cost, operations and maintenance, payment mechanisms and bankability. Our experience in delivering successful specialist advice on time constrained commissions, from smaller but more broadly experienced and skilled teams under expert leadership, has informed our approach to future team delivery in the wider sector.

For many clients information is the new currency, and we understand effective management and organisation of information, and the catalytic impact Better Information Management will have on the way you work and on your customer expectations. We understand the holy trinity of productivity improvement: Asset Management, Lean and BIM, and the the real impact of collaboration and positive behaviours on business performance.

We work with our clients to make sure they have sufficient commercial and contract management experience and expertise available to them when they need it, or we pass it on to them. We provide contract and commercial services across the whole life cycle, understanding the need to balance quality, risk, whole life cost and safety.

Our services include:

• Risk Management
• Cost estimating and viability
• Cost planning and value engineering
• Whole Life Costing
• Life Cycle Analysis
• Benchmarking
• Contract Management
• Audits
• Assurance Reviews

Our approach to project management is about deploying experienced professionals who are able to control and manage information and people effectively, and who will own the outcomes for the client. Key attributes of Fitzpatrick Advisory Project Managers include a risk based approach, understanding of the relationship between time, cost, quality and safety, effective team management, effective stakeholder communications, technical and commercial knowledge and experience, accurate and timely reporting, and a collaborative but confident leadership style. Additionally our PM’s will create a platform for creative effort within the Project to unlock ‘hard to get’ project benefits. This approach requires aligning the right people to the right project, (changing the current consultancy paradigm where projects have to accept whoever is currently available), to create the necessary headroom for thinking and innovation.

We focus on the critical success factors for a Project and our experience includes:

  • Project Leadership
  • Employers Agent
  • Expert contract management
  • ‘Turnaround’ services
  • Deep dive audits and assurance activities
  • Effective Management
  • Information and Reporting
  • Risk and Opportunity management
Our clients’ work winning strategy may sometimes require a sharpened pencil around costs but telling the right story in the right way, and responding to the specific needs of the Bid are critical to success.

In today’s media savvy world getting the message right for your sponsors, stakeholders, customers and influencers can make a real difference, even though, especially in the Highways world, we might not traditionally think so. We regularly work with, and can call upon, a host of experienced advisors who support their clients to develop campaigns or strategies for market entry or service launch, and develop material to support existing or planned communications campaigns.

We have a number of experienced, on-demand graphic designers who are able to produce quality work to tight deadlines, who are experienced in page and type setting, photo manipulation, layout design, and who use tools such as Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator.